Rope Access

Our forte at GoMedia is our craftsmanship and the innovation with which we install signage of any type, size and weight to our extensive range of clients. Our unrivaled reputation has been built upon the vast array of signage installation services we offer while never compromising on quality, standards and safety.
We are well experienced and equiped in installation and removal of:

• large billboards and signs
• scaffold wraps
• building skins
• fabricated signs
• sail track systems


What is rope access?

Rope access is a form of work positioning, initially developed from techniques used in climbing and caving, which applies practical rope work to allow workers to access difficult-to-reach locations without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform. Rope access technicians descend, ascend, and traverse ropes for access and work while suspended by their harness. Some times a work seat may be used. The support of the rope is intended to eliminate the likelihood of a fall altogether. Rope access technicians use a back-up fall arrest system for the unlikely failure of their primary means of support. This redundancy system is usually achieved by using two ropes – a working line and a safety line. (source: wikipedia)