LED Branding

The Benefits of LED Display Signs

Price: The initial prices are roughly comparable, although LEDs tend to be around 10% cheaper to purchase.
Reusability: Once you get a neon sign, there’s no changing it. LED displays can be updated as often as you like, with whatever messages you like.
Power usage: LED displays use between 5 and 10 times less power than a comparable neon sign, leading to significant long-term cost savings.
Maintenance: Neon tubes have to have their gasses periodically refilled, something that is best left to a (costly) professional. LED signs require virtually no maintenance and can last up to around a decade before needing to be replaced.
Environmentalism: Neon signs are easily broken, being made of glass, and contain noxious gasses, which leak out. LED does not have this problem. Adaptive LED displays are also made in the USA, in Wisconsin.
Brightness: LED displays are far brighter than neon. They can be seen from further away, even in broad daylight.

In short, if versatility and cost-effectiveness are priorities to you, LED display signs are the clear winner. There are some specific uses that still favor neon, but overall, LED is the all-around superior choice.

To learn more about the benefits of LED digital displays and how they can be used for your business, contact Adaptive Displays.